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    Airline Administration

    While airline operation is widely regulated by governmental and industry standards, the airline administration is often less efficient, lacks system support, is slow and gives poor management support in providing information

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  • xhsConsulting LogoAIRLINE SYSTEMS

    Selection of airline systems

    Airlines employ - other than other industries - a basket of proprietary and specialized professional IT systems which must fit into an overall system view. Their selection and implementation is often final for the airline's future. Areas of interest are Operations, MRO, Revenue Accounting, Planning, Cost Accounting, Controlling. Many areas use traditionally their specialized systems, but how do they all fit?

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  • xhsConsulting LogoAIRLINE PLANNING

    Lack of planning is improvisation

    Experienced staff knows how to work around sudden problems. But if working around becomes the routine the airline lacks planning and controlling as well as analytic processes

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    From small to huge performances

    Classical music, Chinese traditional music, Chinese opera, Chinese acrobatics, small group of artists or huge orchestras of 100 musicians, all is possible. China has a long standing tradition of cultural experience which is also world heritage of mankind, and is developing rapidly its modern cultural face

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Welcome to Expand Your Potentials

xhsConsulting offers the entire variety of solutions for the airline industry. More than 40 years of experience in all fields of airline business and profound knowledge of airline processes and strategic industry views enable us to assess your situation and recommend changes that make your airline more profitable and more competitive. The range of knowledge ranges from airline strategy to financial systems setup, airline planning and controlling, implementation of ERP systems, restructuring, financing, accounting, MRO and operational system setup. Our partners are selected carefully to add to this knowledge pool.

In addition, we are engaged in cultural exchange projects between Europe and China. Close cooperation with show producing and performing companies and groups residing in China and Germany who are busy in this field enable us to help you to arrange performances of Chinese artists anywhere in the world and to arrange performances of European artists in China. This is also available for you to spice up your next company celebration or customer event.

With us you can easily expand your potentials. Learn about our abilities and contact us for more information.