Airline Professional Support

Can you imagine flying without steering in a windy air without any chance to even foresee where and how you will land? And you are not alone in your airline, many such soft planes are flying with you. You ask yourself how you can ever gain back the steering ability to manage the company. A nightmare, and you wish nothing more than someone to help you?

  • Airline manager flies on paper airplane

    The situation

    Competitors break into your business domains. Low prices establish themselves in the market. The old company principles are at test. You are determined to change the situation in your favor.

    You talk to your marketing department. Passenger numbers can be provided, and load factors do not look too bad. Yield information is not available on an actual basis, only monthes old, and that shows deterioration. Revenue figures are also not actual. Cost analysis is not possible because bookkeeping does not provide fast information about the business. You talk to your managers.

    It turns out that the entire financial system is assumed to be mal-functioning. But to whomever you talk, the small piece of functionality that is covered there seems to work perfectly. What is it? The Finance Director tells you that the systems are slow. Controlling tells you that accounting does not provide information in time. Accounting tells you that invoice handling is delayed in the departmental checking process. You cannot use any information piece that is provided to you. You are inclined to blame the IT system. At this moment, a big ERP provider tells you that their system can be installed in less than a year and will solve all your problems.

    The only thing that is easily recognizable to you is that the Finance Division has a big problem. Accounting is slow and inaccurate, error clearing takes a lot of the available resources. Controlling is delayed because accounting is delayed. Revenues, Cost, Statistics, Analysis, all is unsatisfactory...

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  • Airline manager flies on paper airplane

    The option

    We know about airlines that took action and tried to implement a big ERP system. But neither did it work within a year nor could it solve the problems you face. There are obvious reasons why this is the case: The entire administration needs restructuring and process reengineering before an ERP is implemented. And unfortunately, airline business is not manufacturing or trading, the two versions of SAP licensed to customers, from which either one is used for all type of businesses.

    A new system alone does not solve your problems, it must go hand in hand with such new process design. You decide to get a thorough assessment and will base your decision on the outcome on that. A good way of acting.

    If your airline does not have severe operational problems, then the focus will be administration. More and more the yields deteriorate in the markets, and you need to react on the cost side. And your profit and loss statement shows you that the only reserve you might tackle is the staff cost - especially for administration staff -, since most of all others is fixed and hardly influenceable.

    Staff in production is hardly to be reduced without deteriorating your product quality. So you will soon find that the administration must undergo strict scrutinizing. This is where we come in. We assess your situation and report to you and find with you an answer to your problem. In some cases the answer is an ERP system, in others another way of restructuring.

    We are experts in airline processes, operational processes as well as auxiliary processes like MRO and all airline administrational processes. We know how the IT systems in an airline work together. We know how interfaces need to be established to ensure an effective management information system supporting strategic decisions. Try us.

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