Selection of Projects

The following lists some of our projects which we were successfully engaged in among others.

  • Development of SAP implementation plan

    Developing a time line and a budget plan for the implementation of SAP in a Charter airline

  • Request for Proposal for ERP implementation

    Developing the RfP for the airline, assisting in interviews with vendors, developing a valuation scheme for possible proposals of vendors for a big international scheduled airline

  • Financial planning and restructuring

    Assessing existing process landscapes in the financial area and proposing restructuring measures for a big international scheduled airline

  • Financial Assessment

    Assessing the financial processes and highlighting shortfalls in a big international scheduled airline

  • Assessing and refining business plans

    Verifying business plans, redesigning and refining them, for a big international scheduled airline

  • Startup plan

    Building a startup plan for a new high quality airline

  • Financial Assessment and Proposals

    Assessing financial and administrational processes and identifying shortfalls for a broken down airline in Africa

  • Refinance and Salvation Plan

    Developing a refinancing and salvation plan for a broken down airline in Africa. Preparation of a Refinancinc Plan. Close cooperation with World Bank

  • New Proration Methodology

    Developing a new methodology together with representatives of other airlines (PA, JL, OS) for revenue sharing formulae among international scheduled airlines, based on mathematical statistical methods and a huge worldwide interline ticket data sample. Developed methodology was accepted by the IATA carriers as a standard methodology and is in its basic conception still in place today

  • IDEC

    Developing a data exchange centre under the auspices of IATA for interline accounting data of revenue sharing between international scheduled airlines. Centre was established and still is in place today. Recently the centre was integrated into the general IATA data exchange methodology "SIS"

  • Standard Ticket Data Exchange

    Develop a data exchange standard for real time ticket itinerary data for the purpose of revenue calculation for a partial itinerary transport and interline revenue sharing of international scheduled airlines. The standard today is published as a recommended practice in the IATA Manual of Passenger Service Conference Resolutions, Resolution 1737 Attachment A