Airline IT Systems

Airlines employ normally a number of proprietary or legacy systems which are specialized in certain functional areas. Examples are: Reservation system, Check-In system, Yield management system, Revenue accounting system, Operational system, MRO system, Financial accounting system and other smaller ones. If administration is working with an ERP system such like SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics AX, some of the proprietary systems - but normally not all - are replaced by the ERP system.

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    The situation

    Your marketing department tells you that yield management needs better and faster information from revenue accounting. The Finance Director tells you that the present methods and systems in the revenue accounting department cannot fulfil the requirements of the marketing department with the old system. The controller also recommends to have a more modern revenue accounting system which has certain abilities beyond the old one. Decision is taken to implement a new system.

    The IT manager tells you that a new revenue accounting system needs heavy interfacing into other system, virtually tens of interfaces need to be re-engineered. The Finance Director is not sure what to ask for in functionality other than "Standard". Controlling would like to have revenue estimates as a provisional revenue before the final actual revenue is stated. The Chief financial accountant warns that estimates must not be booked. Things develop confusing, and nobody is really sure whether the coming up subscription (Request for Proposal, RfP) to be sent out will really cover all needs.

    This is where we can come in and help you. Like in all other cases for similar proprietary systems.

    Often, a complex legacy landscape is also showing, that the IT organisation in its historical development was always only amended in partial aspects. This is not only resulting in too high IT cost and inefficiency with only little change tolerance, in most cases in combination with a highly complex interface landscape. Then already a small change in the data objects of one application can cause a very difficult project of adjustments in interfaces and many other legacy programs. You then must analyze whether it would be reasonable to use new technologies, such like Artificial Intelligence and Web Applications in portals, which could result not only in massive cost savings but also in much higher customer recognition and customer needs' controlling. Speak to us on these subjects and you will find, that we can help you.

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    The option

    We know about airline proprietary systems and functional areas. We know about international rules to be observed. We know where and which procedures are proprietary and how to handle them. We know where transparency is necessary and where the system must not allow interference, in order to guarantee that financial systems cannot be misused for money deviation roads.

    What we will do is explain to you and your responsible staff the mechanics how a good system must work in your case to reflect every business transaction you face. We know how to ask the right questions. And we know how to evaluate the answers in the proposal of possible vendors in order to get you the best fit of a system to your company. We assist you when proposing vendors have critical questions. We supervise for you the implementation of the system, and we even can stand by your side when and after the system goes live. We support training. We make sure that the vendors implement exactly what you need, not what they can do best.

    This is valid for all systems, not only revenue accounting. Of course we cannot implement the system as such, vendor specialists will always be necessary and will be provided by the vendor. But we are your watchdogs to make implementation as requested, in the time necessary and at reasonable and not exaggerated cost. This is also true for the highly complex implementation of an ERP system, including all the necessary interfaces.

    We are experts in airline processes, operational processes as well as auxiliary processes like MRO and all airline administrational problems. We know how the IT systems work together. We know how interfaces need to be established to ensure an effective management information system supporting strategic decisions. Try us.

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